BeeVital Products

Products for Strong and Healthy Honeybees

Since 1999 BeeVital specialised in honeybee-health, in comprehensive solutions for strong and healthy honeybees. We focus on solutions for organic beekeeping , not influencing the honey, effective for their purpose, using natural ingredients, ready-to-use and easy-to-use, no resistance build-up, and safe for bees , beekeeper and environment.

Varroa Control

 a new Concept for treating varroa



The first three-seasonal varroa treatment.

First veterinary medicine registered in the EU for use in Spring, late-Summer/Autumn and Winter, making it the most practical tool in varroa-control up to now. 



For strong and healthy bees.

HiveClean® is our quick and easy to use solution to varroa control for markets outside the European Union. It is based on the same principle of safe, easy and effective mite-control throughout the year. 

Bee Nutrition

optimal Nutrition for Healthy colonies



For strong brood.

BeeStrong® the #1BeeFeed is a natural colony booster. It helps to improve the brood nest by strengthening the larvae and increases the availability of amino acids.

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