For strong and healthy bees

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For strong and healthy bees

Introducing HiveClean® – the ultimate solution for beekeepers seeking to revitalize their hives and ensure the production of top-quality honey.

HiveClean taps into the bees' natural instincts to clean, resulting in thriving colonies and pristine honey.

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HiveClean is a breakthrough, exterior treatment that stimulates bees' cleaning behaviors, leaving their bodies untouched and honey quality unaltered. By applying HiveClean, tiny droplets adhere to the bees' fine hairs, spreading seamlessly through social interaction. Bees, driven by their innate purification instinct, collaboratively remove dead larvae and all impurities, transforming your hive into a haven of cleanliness.

The best part? BeeVital® HiveClean poses no harm to bees, brood, or the queen when used correctly. Say goodbye to beekeeping challenges and hello to healthier, more productive hives with HiveClean. Elevate your beekeeping game and savor the sweet rewards of high-quality honey, thanks to BeeVital® HiveClean!

Optimal Application Conditions: BeeVital® HiveClean works best when the ambient temperature falls within the range of -1°C to 25°C. For maximum effectiveness, we recommend applying HiveClean during the late afternoon, as this is when the majority of bees are typically inside the hive. Ensure your hive thrives by choosing the right time and temperature for HiveClean application.

Only Available in selective Countries outside the EU.

BeeVital HiveClean is suitable for organic beekeeping in compliance with EU Council Regulation (EEC) 834/2007.

Please contact your local BeeVital partner for prices and more information about the availability of BeeVital HiveClean in your country.