The natural colony booster


              BeeVital has developed a bee feed concentrate from natural ressources, which is used as a high quality concentrated feed. BeeStrong is the leading product for raising strong and healthy colonies. It supports the bee colony in a natural way by strengthening the larvae and improving the brood pattern.

              Only strong bee colonies have the vigor and power to collect nectar and produce significant amounts of good quality honey.

              Therefore our goal is to provide our customers with an exceptional product, which helps them to build up and maintain strong colonies.


              The BeeStrong Effect



              Bee Colonies need our support to survive and to stay strong and healthy !

              Bee-colonies are nowadays increasingly under pressure by the 3 Ps: Parasites / Pathogens, Poor Nutrition and Pesticides. We cannot change the environment and we cannot eradicate the diseases, but the least we can do is to support our bees to better cope with these stress factors.

              A strong colony contains healthy and strong bees. What makes a colony strong? This is a consequence of three major factors: POPULATION, NUTRITION and HEALTH.
              good health & quality food results in high number of active & strong bees.

              bees need high-quality food especially in autumn and early spring.

              the hive hygiene must be maintained and healthy larvae must be reared.



              BeeStrong Application Video by SKbeekeeping

              WHEN TO USE BEESTRONG®

              • In spring with the stimulus feeding, so that the colony starts the new season strong with healthy brood

              • In late summer at the end of the season to raise strong and healthy winter bees. This helps the colony to overwinter and thus for a good start into the next season.

              During the season , when problems arise in brood development and the bees accept supplementary feeding (in times of nectar deficiency).

              HOW TO USE BEESTRONG®

              For 1 colony, simply stir 25 to 50ml of BeeStrong® in sugar syrup. Use at least 1/2L syrup per colony for dilution, (2L recommended).

              Stir well and feed to the bees. Repeat after 2 weeks if necessary.

              We recommend feeding BeeStrong® at least twice a year. This results in a requirement of approx. 100 ml BeeStrong per colony / year.

              For commercial use BeeStrong® is also available in 5L canisters.


              BeeStrong Size Chart

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