The only three-seasonal varroa treatment

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The only three-seasonal varroa treatment

VarroMed® is ready to use, simple and fast to apply in the hive without any need for preparations. We provide the beekeeper with three and more points of control, meaning, spring late-summer/fall and winter.

  • 1st EU wide veterinary medicine (VMP) for bees
  • 1st product to have zero day withdrawal period in this combination
  • 1st Varroa treatment approved for Spring, Autumn and Winter treatment

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Key Advantages
VarroMed, a versatile solution for beekeepers in the European Union, offers several benefits:

- Weather Resilience: VarroMed has undergone rigorous testing in diverse climates, demonstrating its effectiveness in various conditions.

- Brood-Friendly: It can be applied with or without brood without adversely affecting the queen or brood, ensuring hive health.

- User-Friendly: Packaged in a 555ml bottle with a practical dosing scale, VarroMed is easy to use, eliminating the need for extra tools.

- Organic Beekeeping: It holds approval from the European Commission for organic beekeeping, meeting sustainability standards.

- Honey Purity: Tests confirm that VarroMed leaves no residues in honey when applied according to instructions, ensuring the quality of your harvest.

- All-Season Approval: VarroMed is the sole legal varroa treatment sanctioned for spring, late summer/autumn, and winter, providing year-round control.

- Queen Bee Care: It can be applied without queen caging, preserving her laying performance and hive productivity.

- No Prescription Required: Widely available across the European Union, VarroMed is accessible without a prescription, simplifying its use for beekeepers.
Introducing VarroMed®, the game-changer in beekeeping. In a convenient 555ml bottle with an integrated application nozzle and an easy-dosing scale, VarroMed® redefines simplicity. It harnesses the power of two natural ingredients, Formic acid and Oxalic acid dihydrate, ensuring your hive's health.
Approved for organic beekeeping according to EC/Regal, VarroMed® boasts a 0-day withdrawal period, guaranteeing honey purity. Its versatility shines with treatment options in Spring, late Summer/Autumn, and Winter, whether brood is present or not. Early Spring use helps prevent critical mite levels.
Scientifically validated in diverse European climates, VarroMed® thrives regardless of weather or temperature conditions. It's bee-friendly, ready-to-use, and swiftly applied.
Great news for beekeepers! VarroMed® is now available without a prescription in multiple European countries, including Austria, Germany, France, and more. Elevate your beekeeping game with VarroMed® and ensure your hive's prosperity.
VarroMed® is your trusted ally in beekeeping, offering control throughout the year: in spring, late summer/fall, and winter. Spring treatments disrupt mite growth, preventing summer mite populations from spiraling out of control.

Our ready-to-use solution simplifies hive care. No need for complex preparations—just apply directly. VarroMed's liquid matrix with propolis ensures effective distribution without upsetting the bees, and its effects last longer.

Application is a breeze, with each dose ranging from 15 to a maximum of 45ml per colony. This not only makes treatments cost-effective but also lets you tailor them to the severity of mite infestations.

When to use VarroMed:

- Spring: 1-3 applications
- Late summer/fall: 3-5 applications
- Winter: 1 application

With VarroMed, beekeeping becomes easier and more effective, ensuring the health and well-being of your hive year-round.