Mead (Honey Wine, 500ml)

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Mead (Honey Wine, 500ml)

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Greeks, Romans and Vikings knew about its delicious delight. Its never too late to find out for yourself.

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Fundraising for us means fun raising your glass, for you ;)

Mead honey wine may be the ancestor of all alcoholic beverages. This sweet beverage became globally gulpable, popular with Vikings, Mayans, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans alike. The honey used determines the overarching flavor of the mead, and can vary according to a honey bee’s particular diet of nectar and pollen. Our Mead is a true treat: enjoy it ice cold in summer or regain your inner warmth with a hot glass during winter season. It also makes a perfect gift!

We will destine its profits for research in the fields and laboratories. 

Alcoholic beverage, 18%vol. alcohol.
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