Meet Daniela Hölzle, our senior #BeeVitalAmbassador in France!  🇫🇷
👩🏼‍🌾 Daniela is a hobby organic beekeeper located in Solliès-Pont. She has kept bees for over 10 years and today owns around 30 hives.
🐝 Daniela has used BeeVital’s HiveClean for many years with great success and since 2017, she started using VarroMed® after its registration in the whole European Union. She is more than happy with its effectiveness and practical application. .
🌎 Daniela not only loves her bees but she is a very dedicated and responsible beekeeper who cares for the environment.

She is our official representative and spokesperson in France so you will be able to meet her if you attend to VarroMed® and BeeStrong® presentations and of course beekeeper trade-shows. Did anyone say #APIMONDIA 2019 ?
👍🏼You can learn more about Daniela and her experience with VarroMed by following her on Instagram ➡️ @danielasapiary and visit BeeVital France for more details.