Bought at BijDaan, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

Important message for all Dutch beekeepers: we have been recently informed by an attentive beekeeper that the company BijDaan in Apeldoorn is selling BeeVital HiveClean with manipulated batch number and expire date by taping over the original data with a small sticker - see photo. The product has already expired. BeeVital has not – and will not in the future – agree to any manipulation of batch and expire date. Please be informed that BijDaan is NOT an official BeeVital partner in the Netherlands. If you are affected too, or are not sure if your BeeVital product is genuine, please contact us directly using our contact form – we will get in touch with you.

We explicitly point out that this case is in no relation to our official BeeVital partner in the Netherlands “Bijenhuis” in Wageningen. If you want to purchase BeeVital products in the Netherlands we highly recommend buying them directly from our official partner “Bijenhuis”. Contact:

HET Bijenhuis, Jeroen Vorstman, Grintweg 273, 6704 AP  Wageningen,

We say THANK YOU to the attentive beekeeper who informed us about this incident and we ask all of you to contact us directly when you are suspecting fraud or manipulation relating to BeeVital products.