ROMAPIS, the Federation of the Beekeepers Associations of Romania, has organized a protest in Bucharest against the derogations issued in 2014 by the Romanian Agriculture Ministry from the provisions of the Regulation EU 485/2013. A group of 30-40 persons representing ROMAPIS demonstrated in the proximity of Hotel Intercontinental in Bucharest where the conference "Forum for the Future of Agriculture" took place, which is organized by ELO (European Landowners Association), Syngenta and LAPAR (Romania Agricultural Producers Associations League).

ROMAPIS considered this as an opportunity to draw public attention to the issue of bees, environment and neonicotinoids in Romania but also to make their protest known to the Romanian and European growers present at this event, as well as the Romanian authorities, who simply ignore the position of the beekeeping sector when deciding to cancel a regulation in Romania that is agreed at EU level.

A delegation was invited to take part in discussing the beekeepers protest, they met a group of officials including the Romanian Agriculture Minister himself. The Ministry explained to have a balanced attitude, taking into consideration the opinions of all the parts involved in the vegetal production, and promised a more transparent process of taking decisions of this kind. They  invited the beekeepers association to negotiations with the farmers associations in order to reach a consensus prior to deciding such a derogation.