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Bestellungen für VarroMed sind ab sofort möglich !
Die Auslieferung erfolgt ab dem 9.August 2017 an den Imkereifachhandel.

Unser empfohlener Verkaufspreis für den Imkereifachhandel bei Abgabe an den Imker istfür eine Flasche VarroMed€ 25,30 inkl. 10% Mwst.

Ein Versandkarton enthält 15 Flaschen in Faltschachteln.

Falls Ihr örtliches Imkereifachgeschäft VarroMed nicht führt, nehmen wir gerne
Ihre Bestellungen auch direkt entgegen unter



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Zum Produkt

VarroMed® ist rezeptfrei und kann damit von allen Imkerei-Fach-Geschäften an die österreichische Imkerschaft abgegeben werden.
VarroMed ist ein Fertigprodukt, also direkt einsetzbar.
VarroMed ist in einer Flasche mit 555ml Inhalt in einer Faltschachtel erhältlich.
Die Flasche hat einen integrierten Tropfer/Ausgießer und eine Dosierungsskala für richtige Anwendung ( siehe nachstehende Produktabbildung )
1 Flasche reicht für 15 – 20 Anwendungen



Was Sie noch wissen müssen:

Mit VarroMed® kommt heuer ein Produkt zur Varroa-Behandlung auf den Markt,
das erstmals eine legale Behandlung gegen die Varroa im Frühling, Herbst
(Spätsommer nach Honigernte) und Winter erlaubt!

Damit wird erstmals eine 3-Punktbehandlung mit einem einzigen Produkt möglich – und zwar Temperatur- und Brutstatus unabhängig.

Für alle weiteren Fragen stehen wir Ihnen gerne zur Verfügung.
Auf ein erfolgreiches Imkerjahr

BeeVital GmbH
Tel: +43 6219 20645
Handelsstrasse 6
5162 Obertrum
Salzburg, Österreich  


The European Commission has authorised our product VarroMed® as a new Varroa treatment under registration number EU/2/16/203.

2016 Photograph Competition

2016 Photograph Competition

We want to thank everyone that took part in our photo competition and emailed us your photos! We had a lot of great choice for the theme 'Bee's in Winter' but we can only have one winner! It was surprising to receive so many photographs with bees still flying! A very mild winter last year! We hope that your bees had a proper rest though, and are currently enjoying the Spring weather!

We thank all of our applicants for taking part and would like to share with you the winners! 

1st prize - Rob Van Dipten, 'BeezatWork', Netherlands

2nd prize - Jeton Rexhepi, Kosovo

3rd prize - Marcel van der Meide, 'Winter in Holland

We had a range of entries from several countries across Europe! Thank you for entering and taking part in our competition! To see all the photos please go to our Facebook website.

Thank you all for taking part! 




BeeVital am 89. Imkerkongress in Salzburg

BeeVital am 89. Imkerkongress in Salzburg

Besucht uns am 89. Kongress deutschsprachiger Imker! Die Veranstaltung findet vom 8. bis 11. September 2016 im Salzburg Congress (Auerspergstraße 6, 5020 Salzburg) statt. Wir sind im 1. Obergeschoss am Stand 28 zu finden, wo wir unter anderem unser neues #1BeeFeed BeeStrong vorstellen. Mehr Infos zum Kongress: Wir freuen uns über euren Besuch!

BeeVital US website and webshop

BeeVital US website and webshop

We are very proud to announce the launch of our brandnew US website and webshop - this is the next step forward after the successful testing of our new powerful complementary bee feed BeeVital BeeStrong in California. By now, BeeStrong is available for the US market - check out our new US webshop on !

Today is BeeVital's 26th Birthday!

Today is BeeVital's 26th Birthday!

It has been a long journey to where we are today and we wouldn't have achieved it without Werner and his son Dominik.

The company was founded by Werner in the late 80s (26 years today!!), originally as a honey trading company. When trading honey it became obvious of the necessity of beekeepers to actively care for their bees' health. Werner started to work on solutions! However solutions that would not harm the bees, influence the quality of honey or harm the environment!

Since 2002, based on a small but active team, we provide our solutions to beekeepers around the world. We started in Austria and have steadily increased our presence to 22 countries!

We at the company are glad of our success and plan to continue #‎SavingTheBees


Happy Birthday BeeVital! #‎HappyBirthday #‎AllesGuteZumGeburtstag #‎AllesGute

Help on Bee Wings

Help on Bee Wings

The Amazingness of Bees

We already know that bees are pretty awesome! But apparently the list just keeps extending of how amazing these little guys (or should I say gals) are!

The honey bee has been around for millions of years, and are specifically known as Apis mellifere which means honey-carrying bee. They are extremely environmentally friendly and are vital pollinators! Bees are the only insect, to produce food that is eaten by humans. Not only healthy, but extremely yummy, honey contains all the substances to sustain life: including enzymes, vitamins, minerals & water!

A new program introduced in the Ukraine in 2015, ‘Help on Bee Wings’. It is a chance for the wounded and injured veterans the help gain self confidence and hope in life and work. The ‘Brotherhood of Ukrainian Beekeepers’ has implemented this cause to help with social and rehabilitation of war veterans.

Their mission is to help veterans gain confidence through beekeeping, while also helping them to have careers as beekeepers. This will help them with psychological rehabilitation and social adaption, working together to have a normal life after the war and gain skills in beekeeping with the help of existing beekeepers.

This Program gives a chance to the veterans who are injured physically and morally to gain a profession of the beekeeper and believe in themselves and in their future. Being a part of this community has also educated these men on the need to protect the bees!

Only time can heal wounds however, through the help of beekeeping, these men have been able to have a new meaning in life while acquiring skills of a new profession and attitude towards beekeeping! What’s more, they can provide their family with honey which in turn has so any benefits!

They intend to extend this cause to help many more veterans in the Ukraine. They have been inspired by the positive results helping the men and helping with the general improvement of the environment, while caring for the conservation and protection of bees!

It is intriguing – what else will we discover about this amazing little creature!  

Facebook site:

For more detailed information about the Program "Help on bee wings", please, visit



Bees in Greenland

Bees in Greenland

Bees in Greenland: there is 15 colonies, altogether.