NEW: VarroMed®, The First 3-Seasonal Varroa Treatment



BeeVital® HiveClean


For strong and healthy bees. Suitable for organic beekeeping.*

BeeVital HiveClean® activates the purification of bee colonies. Honeybees will be regenerated by natural means and will produce better quality honey. Available in selective countries. 

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BeeVital® BeeStrong


Our all-natural product for building strong honeybee colonies fight against brood diseases.

BeeVital BeeStrong® is a bee-feed boosting the colony dynamic: Only strong colonies have the vigor and power to collect nectar and produce significant amounts of good quality honey.

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BeeVital® QueenAccept


For successful requeening, an important action for bee colonies.*

Requeening may sometimes be unsuccessful - especially in cases of uncontrollable bee aggressiveness. That is why we developed BeeVital QueenAccept.

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VarroMed® to be launched this summer in the whole EU
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* Suitable for organic beekeeping in compliance with EU Council Regulation (EEC) 834/2007.