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BeeStrong 100ml

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BeeStrong 100ml

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7,97 € 7,97 € 7.97 EUR

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    BeeStrong® - For Strong Brood.

    What is BeeStrong?

    BeeStrong the #1BeeFeed is a natural colony booster. It helps to improve the brood nest by strengthening the larvae and increases the availability of amino acids. It is safe for the beekeeper, the honey, the environment and beneficial for bees. BeeStrong is based on purified protein, it has the ideal amino acid composition almost like the bees' Royal Jelly.

    Bee-colonies are nowadays increasingly under pressure by the 3 Ps: Parasites / Pathogens, Poor Nutrition and Pesticides. We cannot change the environment and we cannot eradicate the diseases, but the least we can do is to support our bees to better cope with these stress factors.

    A strong colony contains healthy and strong bees. What makes a colony strong ? This is a consequence of three major factors: POPULATION, NUTRITION and HEALTH.



    good health & quality food results in high number of active & strong bees.


    bees need high-quality food especially in autumn and early spring.


    the hive hygiene must be maintained and healthy larvae must be reared.

    Your BeeStrong Benefits


    BeeStrong® is easy to use. It does not require any complicated techniques or protection measures. Simply put BeeStrong® into the feeding sugar syrup and mix before feeding it to the bees.

    - Natural source, high quality concentrated beefeed.

    - Ideal aminoacid balance almost like the bees' Royal Jelly.

    - High quality nutritional effect

    - Stronger colonies, more honey - more money.

    - Non-toxic – harmless for bees, beekeeper and nature.

    - Perfect in combination with VarroMed®

    - Application in feed – sugar syrup, pollen patties or sugar dough, simply include in autumn for wintering or early spring for a good season protection.

    Want to know more? Learn how to apply BeeStrong the right way.

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