Our Philosophy  

“Our aim is to offer a new and modern approach to the challenges of nowadays apiculture by supplying products that match the latest tendencies in today’s agriculture. The increasing preoccupation around the world for food safety, animal care and health, the need to save what is left of the intact environment are ideas that we take into consideration in our activity, that we incorporate into our philosophy .”

— Dipl.-Ing. Dominik N. Hohl,  CEO BeeVital GmbH –

What We Stand For



We do our best to provide the beekeeper with efficient and safe means of dealing with the present and potential threats to bees' health .

Avoiding the use of harsh chemicals in our products and researching alternative methods instead, the support of organic beekeeping and agriculture, the concern for the environment and food safety are cornerstones in our philosophy and strategy.

In the Products section you find our current solutions for bees' health and more.

Meet the Team

Alone We Can Do So Little, Together We Can Do So Much.

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Dominik N. Hohl


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Werner G. Hohl


Our Local Representatives

Daniela Hölzle

Representative France
+33 612 215 523

Azucena Marques

Representative Portugal
+351 932 037 146

Miguel Capano

Representative Spain

+34 656 353 865

Liwayway Fajardo

Representative Italy

Lisa Wolski
Representative Austria & Germany

Martin Sosnar
Manager USA
+1 (310) 658-7194 

Our Ambassador

Sebastian Katz

Ambassador Germany

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BeeVital History

The foundation


The company was founded by Werner G. Hohl in the late 80s, originally as a honey trading company. When trading honey Werner became familiar with the necessity of beekeepers to actively care for their bees' health regarding pests, especially Varroa.

He started to work on solutions: first of all they should not influence the quality of honey and beefficient at the same time, safe and easy to use and would cause no harm to the environment.




Trust the process
Since 2002 , based on a small but active team, we provide our solutions to beekeepers around the world. We started in Austria and steadily increased our presence to +35 countries.






was launched in Austria after the efficiency of +94% was proven. This is the beginning of BeeVital's expertise in Bee Health.

Expansion to Africa

BeeVital expans in Europa and further to North Africa.


Project VarroMed®

2012 marks the first time ever that a company starts a  central EU registration for a bee-medicine.



The first supplement for a strong and healthy brood was reeased. BeeStrong transforms your bees into a well nurished and productive colony.


Expansion to America

BeeVital expans to USA and Canada.



a new concept to treat Varroa: it is the 1st EMA-bee-medicine 1st in Spring and any beekeeping season, all weather independent.


Expansion to Korea

BeeVital is now present in Europe, North Africa, Asia and America.


New Webshop

At the end of 2020 we can proudly present our modern Website.
To not only give you the best experience but also make ordering uncomplicated and fun.

Shop now

The future is now

As of today BeeVital GmbH is a pharmaceutical company with offices, production and warehousing close to Salzburg, Austria, contract manufacturers in Austria, Germany and Holland, cooperations with companies in Switzerland and the USA and distribution partners in many countries and areas.

In the Worldwide section you can find the BeeVital Partner closest to you .


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